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FACILITY UPDATES| Towards the development of novel vector control tools: CREC/LSHTM_Newsletter_15th_Issue_April_2021 shares with you latest news, insights, opportunities and publications around malaria control and the vector control community. Feel free to share within your Networks. And visit us at . And on YouTube   View or share your campaign link:
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 World Malaria Day 2021: "Reaching the zero malaria target". As we celebrate World Malaria Day, we reflect on the work done by our group towards the development of novel vector control tools. With these tools the malaria control community is better equipped to reach the zero malaria target. Read more about our work at  and YouTube:

Publications in 2021 | Paper 02 | Efficacy of bioflanilide (VECTRON T500) for IRS

PUBLICATIONS IN 2021│Dear friends, we are happy to share with you our latest publication. The paper reports the efficacy of broflanilide (VECTRON T500) for IRS. The data shows that broflanilide has potentials to significantly improve the control of pyrethroid-resistant mosquito vectors and could thus be a crucial addition to the current portfolio of IRS insecticides. Access article here: Link to paper  and visit  for similar papers on our works.


STAFF UPDATES | The health and welfare of our staff are essential to the proper functioning of our Facility. Here are photos from the first CREC/LSHTM staff fitness bootcamp which took place on 3 April 2021. Visit to learn about our works on #vectorcontrol. Watch full video on YouTube: CREC/LSHTM Fitness Bootcamp E01| April 3, 2021
 INFRASTRUCTURE || As a #GLP Compliant facility committed to the evaluation of novel #vectorcontrol products like IRS insecticides and mosquito bed-nets, adherence to safety is critical in our work. At CREC/LSHTM we have invested well into the general health and safety of our facility and staff. Follow us and learn more about #LaboratorySafety at and subscribe to our YouTube channel:

Master Class” The Mosquitoes Must Die”

Our facility manager (Dr Corine Ngufor) will be teaching at the next IHI Master Class, the 19th Edition of  the #IfakaraMasterClasses “The Mosquitoes Must Die.” Join us for th 19th Edition of the #IfakaraMasterClasses  With Profs Hilary Ranson (LSTM) & Corine Ngufor (LSHTM) Hosts: Sheila Ogoma (CHAI) & Fredros Okumu (IFAKARA) ~~~ Wed; Mar 31, 2021 2PM EAT  Register in advance: Follow us at and on YouTube :


Today we share through this short video, the process of cutting net samples for WHO/PQ Phase I laboratory evaluation of LLINs. As usual there's more to learn on #vectorcontrol product evaluation from our website and YouTube channel