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Newsletter (Mai,2020)

Chers lecteurs,
Ce mois-ci semble plus optimiste que prévu.
 Pour lire et explorer plus de nouvelles opportunités dans la communauté de l'évaluation des produits de contrôle vectoriel, CLIQUEZ ICI←
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Newsletter (April, 2020)

Dear Readers,
Amidst the pandemic CREC/LSHTM is making great strides in our studies and commitment to deliver quality evaluation of IRS and LLINs products. Check out CREC/LSHTM Newsletter [007]: Great study progress, funding and good news - including funding opportunities. Our pragmatic response to the COVID-19 surge has enable us to progress with ongoing studies, while respective all prevention protocols.

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Newsletter March 2020: Some good news amidst the COVID-19-crisis

Newsletter 6th Issue, Feb 2020

Special feature: CHALLENGES & AMBITIONS OF CREC/LSHTM FOR 2020 The communication team of CREC/LSHTM had a close-up interview with the facility manager, Dr Corine Ngufor, to reflect on the past year and what lies ahead of us as an organisation.  This article captures what she revealed in the interview, for the information of all staff, partners and sponsors of the CREC/LSHTM.

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CREC\LSHTM celebrates trophy with Facility Manager- December 2019

5th issue of CREC/LSHTM newsletter.

Dear all,
CREC/LSHTM is pleased to present the 5th issue of its newsletter.

4th issue of CREC/LSHTM newsletter

Dear all,
CREC/LSHTM is pleased to present the 4th issue of its newsletter.
This issue provides information on the prestige and quality services of CREC/LSHTM, describes our representation at recent international conferences and welcomes the new director of CREC.
It’s getting more interesting every quarter, right? Please feel free to send us your feedback after reading.